Heyy guys , here’s something amazing for you….

Your life is your MESSAGE TO THE WORLD 🌎

Make sure it’s inspiring


Still I Rise🌅

Here’s a beautiful poam to tell yourself &  to all those who tries to put you down. You may write me down in the history, With your bitter, twisted lies,     You may trod me in the very dirt, But still like DUST🌪 , I’ll RISE🌞 Does my sassiness upset you??   Why are you beset with…Continue reading »

Caged up in our thoughts🎭

Millions of thoughts and feelings respire inside us everyday,We bound them and give them home…They live and they grow inside us,We are their ground and we are their sky.Some have been stolen from the winds,Some opted from the books,Don’t know a single tornado of how many thoughts; Breathe inside us every day,every hour,every minute,every second…Whether…Continue reading »

Find your WHY ??

There are two very important days in any person’s life: The day when we were born The day we realize WHY The first day is totally beyond our powers. It is the day to express our gratitude for everything that we have in our life.While the second one is totally left for us to discover.This…Continue reading »

For pe∆ceful living:-)

Always Do your Best and Leave the Rest Why does this happen with me? What’s my fault? Why only me? These are the thoughts that comes to our mind when life does not goes the way we want it to be and our desires are not fulfilled.Very soon the negative thoughts find their way into…Continue reading »

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